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LED Production Counter Displays, Numerical LED displays, Industry LED Displays, Industrial Production Counter Display Board for products count and other applications. 

Features of these displays are: Input from Sensor, Rs232 and RS485 communication, Black Powder coated. Indoor as well as outdoor visibility displays, Keeps memory on Power failure.



Afghan Post - Expresspost (EMS)

Albanian Post sh.a - EMS Service

Algerie Post - E.M.S Service champion-poste

Angola - EMS

Anguilla Postal Service - EMS

Argentino - EMS

Armenia - EMS Armenia

Aruba - EMS

Australia Post

Azerbaijan - EMS Azerexpresspost


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Burkina Faso - Sonopost

Burundi - EMS Burundi

Bangladesh Post - EMS

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Benin Post

Bermuda - International Data Express

Bahamas Postal Service - EMS

Bhutan Post Express Mail Service

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Botswana Post - EMS



Cambodia Post - EMS

Cameroun - EMS 

Canada Post - Xpresspost

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Cayman Islands Postal Service

Correos Chile - EMS

China - EMS China

Colombia - EMS International

Costa Rica - Correos de Costa Rica

Croation Post - EMS

Cyprus - EMS/Datapost Cyprus Post

Czech Post State Enterprise

Congo - EMS Congo CD


Denmark - Post Denmark

Dominican Republic - EMS


Ecuador EMS

Egypt Post - Express Mail (EMS)

El Salvador Post 

Ethiopian Postal Service - EMS


Fiji - Post Fiji Ltd

Finland - Itella Corporation

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Georgian International EMS

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Grenada Postal Corporation



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Hungary - Magyar Posta Zrt.


Iceland Post

India Post - EMS Speed Post

Indonesia - PT Pos Indonesia (Ltd) - EMS

Iran Post

Ireland Post

Israel Postal Company Ltd. - EMS

Italy - Post Italiane 


Jamaica Post - International Express Mail (EMS)

Japan Post - Japan Post EMS


Kenya - Postal Corporation of Kenya

Korea Post EMS

Kuwait Post


Latvia Post - Express

Lebanon Post EMS


Lithuania Post

Luxembourg - P&T Luxembourg


Macao Post

Maldives Post

Mali - EMS/Mali

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Mauritius Post Ltd.

Mexico EMS

Moldova - EMS Moldova

Mongol Post

Morocco - EMS Chronopost International Maroc

Mozambique - EMS Mozambique


Netherlands - TNT Post

New Zealand Post Limited

Nigeria - NIPOST/ EMS Nigeria

Norway - Posten Norge AS


Pakistan Express Post

Panama (Rep.) - Correos de Panamá

Papua New Guinea - Post PNG

Paraguay - Correo Nacional Paraguayo - EMS

Peru - Serpost - Express Mail Serice

Philippines  - Phil Post - international Express Mail Service

Polish Post SA

Portugal - CTT Expresso


Qatar - EMS - Mumtaz Post


Romania - Compania Nationala Posta Romana

Russian Federation - EMS Russian Post –

Rwanda - EMS Rwanda Express



Saint Lucia Postal Service - EMS

Saudi Post

Senegal - EMS Senegal

Serbia Post

Sierra Leone Postal Service

Singapore Post Limited

Slovakia - Slposta

Slovenia - Pošta Slovenije, d.o.o.

Solomon Islands Post

South Africa - EMS South Africa

Spain - Postal Expres Internactional (EMS)

Sri Lanka - EMS Speed Post

Sweden - Posten AB

Swiss Post International

Syrian Post


Tanzania (United Rep.) - EMS Tanzania

Thailand Post EMS

Togo - EMS Togo

Trinidad and Tobago Postal Corporation (TTPOSA)

Tunisia - Rapid-Poste Tunisie

Turkish Post


Uganda Post

Ukraine - EMS Ukraine

United Arab Emirates - Emirates Post - Mumtaz Post EMS

USA - United States Postal Service(USPS)/EMS

Uruguay - Correo Uruguayo

Uzbekistan - EMS Falcon


Vanuatu Post - EMS

Vietnam Express Mail Service Company


Yemen Post EMS


Zimbabwe - EMS Zimpost


Token Display


token display   



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EMS Tracking Antigua EMS tracking Belize EMS tracking Canada EMS tracking Czech Republic EMS tracking Gabon EMS tracking Hong Kong
EMS tracking Argentina EMS tracking Benin EMS tracking Cape Verde EMS tracking Denmark EMS tracking Gambia EMS tracking Hungary
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EMS Tracking Bangladesh EMS tracking Burkina Faso EMS tracking Croatia EMS tracking Ethiopia EMS tracking Guinea EMS tracking Jamaica
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EMS Tracking Kiribati EMS Tracking Macau EMS Tracking Mauritius EMS Tracking Namibia EMS Tracking PapuaNewGuinea EMS Tracking San Marino
EMS Tracking Kosovo EMS Tracking Macedonia EMS Tracking Mexico EMS Tracking Nicaragua EMS Tracking Paraguay EMS Tracking Senegal
EMS Tracking Kyrgyzstan EMS Tracking Madagascar EMS Tracking Micronesia EMS Tracking Nigeria EMS Tracking Peru EMS Tracking Serbia
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EMS Tracking Sint Maarten EMS tracking Sudan EMS tracking Switzerland EMS tracking Togo EMS tracking Turkey EMS tracking Ukraine
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EMS tracking USA EMS tracking UK EMS tracking India EMS tracking Australia EMS Tracking China EMS tracking South Africa
EMS tracking Bhutan EMS tracking Malaysia EMS tracking Nepal EMS tracking Netherlands EMS tracking New Zealand EMS tracking Philippines
EMS tracking Mongolia EMS tracking UAE EMS tracking Russia EMS tracking Korea EMS tracking Thailand EMS tracking El Salvador
EMS Tracking Venezuela EMS tracking Vietnam EMS tracking Yemen EMS tracking Zambia EMS Tracking Japan EMS tracking Sri Lanka
EMS tracking Singapore EMS tracking Zimbabwe EMS tracking Afghanistan EMS tracking Albania    

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DTDC Tracking link

DTDC Tracking


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